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Statutory & National Holidays in Canada - 2022

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  • The next holiday is Victoria Day.
  • Holidays in Canada exist on the federal level and there are additional holidays for each province and territory.
  • Canada has 5 National Holidays that are celebrated Nationwide. These days are paid off days Check out Federal Rules for Paid and other Holidays according to the federal legislation. In addition each province and territory also have their own holidays.
  • Other names given to National holidays are Public holidays, Statutory Holidays or Stat Holidays.
  • Below is the list of National holidays observed in Canada on National, Provincial and Territorial level.
  • You can also choose to view unofficial holidays . (such as Halloween, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day) that are commonly observed in Canada, by selecting one of the option below..

All official National/Provincial Holidays | Include unofficial Holidays/Events

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Date in 2022
New Year's Day
French: Jour de l'An
 Thu, January 1
Islander Day
French: Fête des Insulaires
 Mon, Feburary 16
Louis Riel Day
French: La Journee Louis Riel
Family Day
 Mon, Feburary 16
Family Day
French: Jour de la Famille
Louis Riel Day in MB
Islander Day in PEI
 Mon, Feburary 16
(Mon, Feburary 9 in BC)
  BC, AB, SK, ON
St. Patrick's Day
French: Fête de la Saint-Patrick
 Tue, March 17
Good Friday
French: Vendredi saint
 Fri, April 3
  Nationwide except QC
Easter Monday
French: Lundi de Paques
 Mon, April 6
St. George's Day
French: Sant Jordi (Saint-Georges)
 Mon, April 20
Victoria Day
French: Fête de la Reine ou Journee nationale des Patriotes
 Mon, May 18
(Monday preceedig May 25)
  Nationwide except NB, NS, PE, NL
Jour de l'Action de grace
Eng: National Patriots' Day
 Mon, May 18
National Aboriginal Day
French: La Journee nationale des Autochtones
 Sun, Jun 21
Fete nationale du Quebec
Eng: National Holiday of Quebec
Jean Baptiste Day
 Wed, Jun 24
Canada Day
French: Fête du Canada
Memorial Day in NFL
 Wed, July 1
Memorial Day
French: commemoratif
 Wed, July 1
Nunavut Day
French: Jour De Nunavut
 Thu, July 9
Civic Holiday
Frenhc: le Conge statutairedu mois d'aout
Simcoe Day in ON
Heritage Day in AB
 Mon, August 3
  AB, BC, SK, ON, MB, NU
British Columbia Day
Civic Holiday
 Mon, August 3
New Brunswick Day
Civic Holiday
 Mon, August 3
Natal Day
French: Jour de la Fondation
Civic Holiday
 Mon, August 3
Saskatchewan Day
Civic Holiday
 Mon, August 3
Discovery Day
French: Jour de la Decouverte
 Mon, August 17
  NL, YU
Labour Day
French: Fête du travail
 Mon, September 7
French: Action de grace
 Mon, October 12
  Nationwide except NB, NS, PE, NL
Remembrance Day
French: le jour de l'Armistice
 Wed, November 11
  Nationwide except NB, ON, QC, NS, NL
Christmas Day
French: Noël
 Fri, December 25
Boxing Day
French: le lendemain de Noel
 Sat, December 26
This factsheet has been prepared for general information purposes. It is not a legal document.
Being a multicultural society, we have included information about other religious/cultural events and holidays. If you think that we are missing any then please let us know.

What to do during Holidays

Looking for something fun to do with your friends and family. You come at the right place. Doesn't matter which province or area you are planning to visit during your holidays, we have it covered. We have compiled a list of fun activities and fun places that you can enjoy during the Holiday season ..... Winter or Spring. Click here to view all the Holiday destinations and activities and our reviews about them.

There are always some events and activities happening around town specific to the particular Holiday for Example, St. Patrick Parade, Special lighting shows on Niagra for Canada Day etc. You can always view Holiday Specific Events and Activities in different provinces by clicking on "the Holiday" and you can see the list.

Have Fun!!

In Canada, Christmas is the most widely celebrated Holiday of the year. which is not very surprising. People tend to combine their vacation time to make it a really long Holiday season. In most of Canada Boxing Day (26 Dec) is also a Holiday.

Second most important Holidays are Canada Day and Easter. Since Easter always falls on weekend, people tend to take it as a long weeknd. In 2014 Canada Day falls on Tuesday so there is less chance that people will take extra days off to make it into a long weekend.

While most Christian holidays are officially celebrated, other religious hoidays are also equally accepted. For Example, children and people take time off for Muslim holidays, Jewish holidays, Hindu holidays and many more. List is as diverse as Canada. In order to view Just Religious holidays, goto "Misc Cultural/Religious Holidays".

Among non-holiday events, Halloween, Valentine Day, St Patrick Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day are most Celebrated Days and no belive it or not (except for Newfoundland) st. Patrick Day is not an official Holiday.

Proposed Holidays

In recent years there is been growing request for the Canadian government to recognize Saint Patrick's Day as a national holiday.
Currently it is a holiday only for provincial government employees in Newfoundland and Labrador. The other leading candidate for a new holiday is a weekend in February to celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian flag, or more likely a general "Heritage Day". February 15 is already celebrated as Flag Day, but this is simply a commemoration, not a statutory holiday. In the province of Nova Scotia, where there are only few days off, there has been debate over the introduction of a statutory holiday in the month of February.

Civic Holiday

Across our great country, usually-hard-working residents are taking a well deserved day of rest, kicking their feet up and relaxing in the name of one holiday or another. The August long weekend offers most of us an extra day of respite. And we should celebrate that. Some are enjoying on a beach, some are enjoying a long hike and some aren't celebrating a long weekend at all. How can a country be united from coast to coast to coast when it can't even agree on the name of a holiday? Here is a list of what the August Long Weekend is called across the country:

  1. British Columbia Day: British Columbia
  2. Heritage Day: Alberta
  3. Saskatchewan Day: Saskatchewan
  4. Simcoe Day: Toronto, Ont.
  5. John Gault Day: Guelph, Ont.
  6. Colonel By Day: Ottawa, Ont.
  7. Joseph Brant Day: Burlington, Ont.
  8. George Hamilton Day: Hamilton, Ont.
  9. Natal Day: Nova Scotia
  10. New Brunswick Day: New Brunswick
  11. Civic Holiday: Manitoba, P.E.I., Northwest Territories and Nunavut
In some cases, specifically B.C., New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, the holiday is statutory. In most others, it is a civic holiday. In Newfoundland, Québec and Yukon, it is not a holiday at all.


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