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Statutory Holidays in Alberta - 2017

       (View Rules for General Holidays and General Holiday Pay in Alberta)

In addition to the 5 National holidays (New Year, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, Christmas) there are 4 Provincial Holidays namely Alberta Family Day, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day.

Optional Holidays

These are not paid (public) statutory holidays and, as such, only federal employers are required to give the day off.
  • Easter Monday - No it is not a National Stat Holiday. Employees are given Good Friday as stat holiday.
  • Heritage Day or Civic Holiday - Civic Holiday is called Heritage Day in Alberta. It is not a Provincial Stat Holiday but most businesses take it anyways.
  • Boxing Day - It is a day following Christmas.
Here is a list of Stat holidays for Alberta and the dates they occur for last 4 years.

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Holiday 2015 2014 2013 2012
  New Year's Day
French: Jour de l'An
 Thur, Jan 1
 Wed, Jan 1
 Tue, Jan 1
 Sun, Jan 1
  Family Day
French: Jour de la Famille
Louis Riel Day in MB
Islander Day in PEI
 Mon, Feb 16
(Feb 9 in BC)
 Mon, Feb 17
 Mon, Feb 18
 Mon, Feb 19
  Good Friday
French: Vendredi saint
 Fri, Ap 3
 Fri, Ap 18
 Fri, Mar 29
 Fri, Apr 6
  Easter Monday
* Optional holiday
French: Lundi de Paques
 Mon, Apr 6
 Mon, Apr 21
 Mon, Apr 1
 Mon, Apr 9
  Victoria Day
French: Fête de la Reine ou Journee nationale des Patriotes
 Mon, May 18
 Mon, May 19
 Mon, May 20
 Mon, May 21
  Canada Day
French: Fête du Canada
Memorial Day in NFL
 Wed, Jul 1
 Tue, Jul 1
 Mon, Jul 1
 Sun, Jul 1
  Civic Holiday
* Optional holiday
Frenhc: le Conge statutairedu mois d'aout
Simcoe Day in ON
Heritage Day in AB
 Mon, Aug 3
 Mon, Aug 4
 Mon, Aug 5
 Mon, Aug 6
  Labour Day
French: Fête du travail
 Mon, Sep 7
 Mon, Sep 1
 Mon, Sep 2
 Mon, Sep 3
French: Action de grace
 Mon, Oct 12
 Mon, Oct 13
 Mon, Oct 14
 Mon, Oct 15
  Remembrance Day
French: le jour de l'Armistice
 Wed, Nov 11
 Tue, Nov 11
 Mon, Nov 11
 Sun, Nov 11
  Christmas Day
French: Noël
 Friday, Dec 25
 Thur, Dec 25
 Wed, Dec 25
 Tue, Dec 25
  Boxing Day
* Optional holiday
French: le lendemain de Noel
 Sat, Dec 26
 Fri, Dec 26
 Thur, Dec 26
 Wed, Dec 26

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