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Civic Holiday 2014 in Canada

English: Civic Holiday
French: le Congé statutairedu mois d'août
Other Names: BC (British Columbia Day);
NB (New Brunswick Day);
SK (Saskatchewan Day or Civic Holiday),
AB (Heritage Day),
Nova Scotia (Natal Day),
Ontario (Civic Holiday, Simcoe Day or Colonel By Day),
Prince Edward Island (Natal Day).

First Monday of August is an official holiday in most part of Canada. General Term used for this Holiday is "Civic Holida". However, in different provinces and territorries it is referred with different names.

In year 2014, Civic Holiday falls on Monday, August 4 and in 2015, Civic Holiday falls on Monday August 3. It is the Last long weekend before the school starts again.

It is an official Stat Holiday in: British Columbia (British Columbia Day); New Brunswick (New Brunswick Day); Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Day or Civic Holiday), and Nunavut (Civic Holiday) and the Northwest Territories (Civic Holiday).

It is a holiday of some form in Alberta (Heritage Day), Manitoba (Civic Holiday), Newfoundland and Labrador (Civic Holiday, although the date is fixed by municipal council orders), Nova Scotia (Natal Day), Ontario (Civic Holiday, Simcoe Day or Colonel By Day), Prince Edward Island (Natal Day). It is important to note that although some employers in Ontario give their employees a holiday on the first Monday in August, they are not required to do so under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, 2000.

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Whats Happening around town on Civic Holiday

Apart from choosing various fun actions from our list of things to do you can engage as a family in some of the fun activities that are offered specifically for Civic Holiday.

How do you celeberate your August Long weekend. Do you have something interesting that your would like to share with everyone. Please email us here.


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Things to do on Civic holiday in Canada 2017

  1. Niagara Summer of Thrills - Ontario
    The “Niagara Summer of Thrills” is a stunt show starring Texas native Enrique Valencia. For 10 weeks, he has temporarily moved to Niagara Falls to share his daredevil acts with us! Each day (with the exception of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s), he will perform 2 different stunts a day (10 minutes each time), four times a day. At 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm, Enrique will be perched upon the 10-storey Imperial Hotel on Victoria Avenue for the “Wheel of Fate”. The wheel is situated on the roof of the Imperial Hotel and is a revolving wheel that Valencia will conduct stunts within — and on top of.
    Fun by Niagara Falls.
  2. Simcoe Day at Fort York - Toronto
    On Monday August 6th Fort York will be celebrating Simcoe Day from 10am to 5pm. The day will include cannon and musket demonstrations, exhibits, Regency dance demonstrations and more. At 11am a free walking tour will explore the area with an eye to "City Building: Simcoe to Skyscrapers". Regular admission applies.
    Fort york.
  3. Simcoe Day(Civic Day) at Gibson House Museum - Toronto
    From noon to 5pm on Monday August 6th visitors to Gibson House can enjoy children's activities and homemade ice cream while learning about life in the 19th century. On Simcoe Day, admission is Pay What You Wish.
    Gibson House Museum
  4. TreeTop Trekking- Toronto
    Spend an unforgettable day at one of Treetop Trekking's four Ontario zip line and aerial game parks! Feel the rush as you fly across ziplines, and climb like a monkey on balance logs, cable traverses, hammock nets, wooden bridges and Tarzan swings suspended high in the forest canopy. GTA Locations in Brampton and Stouffville.
    TreeTop Trekking

Civic Holiday for previous years?
2010: Monday, Aug 2
2011: Monday, Aug 1
2012: Monday, Aug 6
2013: Monday, Aug 5
2014: Monday, Aug 4
2015: Monday, Aug 3


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