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Statutory Holidays in Quebec - 2017

       (View Statutory Holiday Act for Province of Quebec)

In addition to the 4 National holidays (New Years Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Christmas) there are 3 Provincial statutory holidays.
  • Journée nationale des patriotes - (English: National Patriots' Day) coincides with Victoria Day.
  • Fête nationale du Québec - (English: National Holiday of Québec) on June 24 coincides with the Midsummer (St. John the Baptist Day).
  • Jour de l'Action de grâce (English: Thanksgiving)
According to Statutory Holiday Act of Québec majority of Québec employees are entitled to an indemnity or a compensatory leave for each of these holidays. Employees are entitled to an indemnity or a compensatory leave at the employer's choice. This leave must be taken in the 3 weeks preceding or following the holiday, except in the case of the National Holiday.
Employees of the clothing industry are also entitled to the following statutory holidays:
  • January 2nd
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday.
Employees working in a clothing store do not belong to this industry.

Optional Holidays

  • Construction Holiday - (French: Vacances de la construction)
    takes place during the last two weeks of July - while it applies officially only to the construction industry, many other Québecers arrange to take their vacations during these two weeks.
Québec has a very detailed "Statutory Holiday Act" that regulates all aspects of National Holidays.
Click here to see What the ACT says and what are exceptions. Yes there are Exceptions.
Here is a list of Stat holidays for Québec and the dates they occur for last 4 years.

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Holiday 2015 2014 2013 2012
  New Year's Day
French: Jour de l'An
 Thur, Jan 1
 Wed, Jan 1
 Tue, Jan 1
 Sun, Jan 1
  Good Friday
French: Vendredi saint
 Fri, Ap 3
 Fri, Ap 18
 Fri, Mar 29
 Fri, Apr 6
  Easter Monday
French: Lundi de Paques
 Mon, Apr 6
 Mon, Apr 21
 Mon, Apr 1
 Mon, Apr 9
  Jour de l'Action de grace
Eng: National Patriots' Day
 Mon, May 18
 Mon, May 19
 Mon, May 20
 Mon, May 21
  Fete nationale du Quebec
Eng: National Holiday of Quebec
Jean Baptiste Day
 Wed, Jun 24
 Tue, Jun 24
 Mon, Jun 24
 Sun, Jun 24
  Canada Day
French: Fête du Canada
Memorial Day in NFL
 Wed, Jul 1
 Tue, Jul 1
 Mon, Jul 1
 Sun, Jul 1
  Labour Day
French: Fête du travail
 Mon, Sep 7
 Mon, Sep 1
 Mon, Sep 2
 Mon, Sep 3
French: Action de grace
 Mon, Oct 12
 Mon, Oct 13
 Mon, Oct 14
 Mon, Oct 15
  Christmas Day
French: Noël
 Friday, Dec 25
 Thur, Dec 25
 Wed, Dec 25
 Tue, Dec 25

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