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Canadian Statutory Holiday Rules


Canadian Statutory Holiday Rules

On a stat holiday employees are entitled to a day off with pay. If one of the holidays falls on a weekend, then your employer must add a holiday with pay to your annual vacation or give you a paid day off at another mutually convenient time. There are some exceptions, however. In Alberta, an employee is not entitled to compensation if a holiday falls on a non-work day.

(Source: Goverment of Canada)
Here are some province specific Holidays and General Time off Rules by Goverment of Canada. Sometimes, for normal holidays that occur on weekdays special circumstances and some special positions require an employee to be available/on call. In those situation, there is usually a prior contract between employee and employer. It is usually in form of a day off during the same year. There might be a rotation among employees year after year for these 'on call duties'.

In most provinces, when a statutory holiday falls on a normal day off (generally a weekend), the following work day is considered a statutory holiday (few exception noted above).
If you require any further information regarding labour laws in Canada then go to Canadian Human Resource

Since Canada is a multicultural society, there are situations where employee observing other religion have to take time off due to their religious holidays.

- The employer has a duty to consider and grant requests for religious leave, including paid religious leave, unless to do so will cause undue hardship.

- Equality of treatment requires at a minimum that employees receive paid religious days off, to the extent of the number of religious Christian days that are also statutory holidays, namely two days (Christmas and Good Friday).

- The number of paid days may be three under some collective agreements which also make Easter Monday a holiday. (Excerpt taken from Ontario Human Rights Commision)
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Year 2019 is a pretty straight-forward as far as holidays are concerned because none of the holiday fall on a Sunday or Saturday so there is no confusion if the days are brought forward or not.

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