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Saint George Day in Newfoundland


St George’s Day commemorates the life of St George, a Roman soldier and Christian martyr. Date for St George in 2014 is April 21. In 2015, St. George Day will occur on April 21.

 English:  Saint George's Day
 French:  Sant Jordi (Saint-Georges)

It is regarded as a religious Day but it is not a national holiday in Canada except for Newfoundland and Labrador where it is celeberated as provincial holiday so it is designated as a paid holiday for government employees. School calendars in the province are set by individual school districts so those wishing to find out if St George’s Day is a school holiday should check with these districts.

How it is celebrated

St. George's Day is celebrated on Monday Closest to April 23 and since it occurs on Monday, people take it as part of three day long weekend. Some people go for long drive, some choose to relax at home or go on picnic (Weather permitted). Some people spend this time with friends and family.
Although it is official in NFL but there are some people in other provinces who celebrate this occasion due to its religious nature like Royal Society of St. George (British Columbia Branch) celebrate St. George Day. There have also been calls from different groups to make it a national holiday.


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Things to do on St. George Day

Here is a list of some events and activities that people can partake in during the long weekd of St. George's Day.

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