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Nationwide Statutory Holidays in Canada

According to Federal legislation there are 5 National holidays in Canada (also commonly known as "statutory holidays" or "stat holidays").

Here is the list of all National holidays. List is small but every province and territories also observe their own Provincial/Territorial Holidays. Select a province or a territory to view their Holiday Calendar. Every province have their own Statutory Holidays official Rules. Please don't forget to check out Holiday Rules.

Holiday Date in 2019 Date in 2020
New Year's Day Thu, January 1 Thur, Jan 1
Good Friday Fri, April 3 Fri, Ap 3
Canada Day Wed, July 1 Wed, Jul 1
Labour Day Mon, September 7 Mon, Sep 7
Christmas Day Fri, December 25 Friday, Dec 25
* The Holidays Act provides that July 2 is Canada Day when July 1 is a Sunday. Canada Day celebrations however take place on July 1st.

Statutory Holidays for Federal Employees


In addition to the nationwide holidays listed above, the following holidays are mandated by federal legislation for federally regulated employees. These holidays are also observed by banks and they are statutory in some provinces and territories.

Holiday Date in 2019 Date in 2020
Easter Monday Mon, April 6 Mon, Apr 6
Victoria Day Mon, May 18
(Monday preceedig May 25)
Mon, May 18
Thanksgiving Mon, October 12 Mon, Oct 12
Remembrance Day Wed, November 11 Wed, Nov 11
Boxing Day Sat, December 26 Sat, Dec 26


Proposed Holidays


In recent years there is been growing request for the Canadian government to recognize Saint Patrick's Day as a national holiday.
Currently it is a holiday only for provincial government employees in Newfoundland and Labrador. The other leading candidate for a new holiday is a weekend in February to celebrate the anniversary of the Canadian flag, or more likely a general "Heritage Day". February 15 is already celebrated as Flag Day, but this is simply a commemoration, not a statutory holiday. In the province of Nova Scotia, where there are only few days off, there has been debate over the introduction of a statutory holiday in the month of February.

Civic Holiday

Across our great country, usually-hard-working residents are taking a well deserved day of rest, kicking their feet up and relaxing in the name of one holiday or another. The August long weekend offers most of us an extra day of respite. And we should celebrate that. Some are enjoying on a beach, some are enjoying a long hike and some aren't celebrating a long weekend at all. How can a country be united from coast to coast to coast when it can't even agree on the name of a holiday? Here is a list of what the August Long Weekend is called across the country:

  1. British Columbia Day: British Columbia
  2. Heritage Day: Alberta
  3. Saskatchewan Day: Saskatchewan
  4. Simcoe Day: Toronto, Ont.
  5. John Gault Day: Guelph, Ont.
  6. Colonel By Day: Ottawa, Ont.
  7. Joseph Brant Day: Burlington, Ont.
  8. George Hamilton Day: Hamilton, Ont.
  9. Natal Day: Nova Scotia
  10. New Brunswick Day: New Brunswick
  11. Civic Holiday: Manitoba, P.E.I., Northwest Territories and Nunavut
In some cases, specifically B.C., New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, the holiday is statutory. In most others, it is a civic holiday. In Newfoundland, Québec and Yukon, it is not a holiday at all.


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